Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Previous Design Work

Here's a logo design I recently did that is being considered for the Student Dance Organization at Brockport. I chose to use modern dance poses to spell out the letters "SDO" because the Organization and the Brockport Dance Department in-and-of-itself is heavily weighted towards modern dancing, and is noted for its unique style. I kept the font beneath the figures simple, but still noticeable, because the main focus of the piece was on the Student Dance Organization, though the Brockport Dance Department had to also be recognized.


These are two logo designs I did for Dancescapes's 13th Annual Recital this past June. I was asked that the word "dance" had to be incorporated in a bunch of different languages, and from there I decided to use the words to develop an image of a dancer.
This is a tattoo design I did recently. The original image I got was of an infinity heart ring;
I was asked that the design of the ring be kept in the design of the tattoo. As I was sketching some ideas, I realized that there were two letters present in the design; a "C" and a "B." After noticing this, I emphasized the letters in the design, since the initials of the first names of the ladies I was doing the design for were "C" and "B." They plan on getting their tattoo done sometime within the next couple of months.
This is another tattoo sketch I recently did. For this one, I was asked to draw a realistic heart and make it appear as though light was breaking through it, then accompany the drawing with the words "Heart on Fire, Brain on Ice," which is a theater phrase.



  1. Hello Sydney ... my name is Mary Robinson Reynolds of and I would like to have your beautiful infinity heart design next to my name. I am getting ready to design/create graphic posts to grow my following on FB and would so appreciate your permission. please email me at or call me at 603-997-1908 - it's my cell phone and if I don't answer please make sure to leave me a VM so I can get back to you. I live in ET zone. Your artwork is exquisite ... thank you for the difference you are making with it in the world. <3 MaryRR PS ... my birth mother's name was Sydney I thought that was a possible sign to go ahead and ask.

  2. I have no idea why my husband's photo came up or why it says Gramps!??